How a man can control his jealous behaviour

It’s okay to be jealous sometimes, but not all the time and not in unhealthy ways. If you’re jealous about your partner, for example, and they don’t know about it then there’s nothing wrong with this type of jealousy because it doesn’t hurt anyone else except yourself, and even then only if you let the feeling take over and control who you are as a person which isn’t good.

But what if you do know that she is being unfaithful and dating Perth escorts? Then things get complicated and that’s a different story…

Managing jealousy isn’t easy, but it is possible. It’s how we feel when we think someone else is threatening our relationship or the things we value, especially if they are more attractive than us. Here are some tips for men who struggle with feelings of jealousy:

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Jealousy Isn’t Necessarily A Sign Of Love

It’s often more about fear of losing something important to you, or even anger at being rejected by your partner. 

In this way jealousy can actually be used as a learning experience. If you and your partner gets jealous over something minor then perhaps there are bigger issues to address? Talking about your feelings with each other is an important part of dealing with any issue that arises between lovers, including jealousy.

Learn To Accept Compliments

One of the best ways to control jealousy is to learn how to accept compliments. We all want to be seen as attractive and desirable, but sometimes it can be difficult for a man who feels insecure about his appearance or his success in life.

If someone tells you that they like your new suit, don’t downplay their compliment by saying something like it’s just an old thing I found lying around at home. Instead of deflecting their praise or, worse yet, making fun of yourself, say thank you and smile.

Consider asking someone who knows more about clothes than yourself what looks good on you before buying any new items; this will give them some practice accepting compliments from others without feeling self-conscious about it.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

There are many reasons why you might feel jealous of other people. They may have something that you want, or they seem to have a better life than you do. A step to controlling jealous behaviour is to stop comparing yourself to other people and start looking at yourself instead.

What do you have going for yourself? What is your unique skill set? What are your strengths? How can those strengths be used in a positive way in the future instead of causing negative feelings like jealousy and envy?

Do not focus on the weaknesses or faults of others. This will only bring out negative thoughts about yourself and make it more difficult for you to deal with these emotions and get along with other people in general when they don’t live up to or meet all our expectations.

In Conclusion

You might think that the ways to control your jealous behaviour is by focusing on what you don’t have and comparing yourself to others, but this is a trap. It’s easy for humans to fall into a cycle of comparing ourselves with others, but it doesn’t help us. Instead of doing this, try shifting your focus onto what you do have in life and then extending that gratefulness outwards towards other people.